Amazing KIDZ Daycare - High quality childcare / Christian Based
Amazing KIDZ Daycare
High- Quality Childcare * High Standards of Safety & Security
Christian Based*  State-Of-The-Art Facilities * Over 2000 Square Ft
State Licensed
All year round Licensed Daycare
We provide Full time childcare in 2 separate Shifts, Days & Overnights
Excellent Pre-school Curriculum * Hot Nutritional Meals & Snacks  Field Trips/Outside Activities * Spanish * Graduation Ceremonies  Music & Art * Unlimited APPLE IPad & Galaxy Pad Exposure
Specialized trained Providers and current members of National, State, and Local childcare associations: On-going childcare education involving the following association: 
DCFCCA, CAC, CCAC, MLFCCA, NAFCC, Redleaf National Association, Minnesota Department of Human Services and Providers Choice Food Program , Parent Aware and Think Small.
Amazing KIDZ Daycare has begun the participation in extensive training in and with Parent Aware MN.. This for us will be a lengthy time consuming process as we make our way throughout the year of 2014 not seeing our rating until December 2014. It will take Amazing KIDZ Daycare a full year to complete the process from start to finish. Parent Aware is bringing new and exciting things to the table for Daycare Centers and Providers alike and we are excited to be a part and actively participating in a program that believes in Early Childhood Education.      
One of the finest pre-school curriculum's, learning equipment and commercial accessories available.
We carry higher quality when comparing us to many centers and in-home childcare.
Our environment provides stimulation for learning while having fun, this will expose your child to new ideas and helps them grow and learn at their own pace, preparing them to transition to make their way to the next level in Kindergarten and life.
Enrichment Program
Enrichment in a foreign language, Spanish (basic beginning foundation),
A B C’s, numbers, words and phrases.
Apple IPads are used in all curriculum subjects
Pre-School Curriculum offers
  • Math
  • Science
  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Socialization Skills
  • Music Time
  • Apple IPADS are utilized in our daily curriculum
  • Multicultural Activities and foods
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Outside Activities
We do schedule exterior guest speakers to join Amazing KIDZ perodically.
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